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Self-help book on NARCISSISTIC ABUSE


 A Practical Self-Help Book for Narcissistic Abuse

NEVER AGAIN - moving on from narcissistic abuse & other toxic relationships

Having worked with clients experiencing codependency, narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships of all kinds since around 2013, Dr. Sarah Davies has penned a self-help book to offer readers some practical ideas to help understand and manage these kinds of relationship dynamics.


Narcissistic abuse is an awful, destabilising, maddening and traumatic relational experience to go through - whether that be a partner, parent, friend or colleague. Toxic, abusive relationships can leave you feeling shocked, numb, confused, anxious, angry and wrestling with self-doubt, guilt or fear. It can batter the self-esteem and confidence of the strongest. 

Never Again - moving on from narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships outlines, what is helpful in the first instance - which is to gain clarity about toxic relationships and particularly why narcissists are the way they are. This also includes what narcissistic abuse sounds like, looks like and feels like. This particular form of emotional and psychological abuse usually starts quite subtly, yet it is progressive. Because of the way in which it develops, partners can often be left quite shocked, confused or in denial about what is going on. It can be a dangerous trap. 

Narcissists are expert manipulators and will be highly skilled and sophisticated in their ways of making the relationship all about them and their wants and needs. At the same time as paralysing and controlling their partners through fear and guilt.

Fundamental to recovery and healing is learning how to cut the locked-on focus to the narcissist and instead gently return your attentions to yourself. This is vital for any of us who relate to codependency or echoism.

This book also outlines some practical tips on how to do that as well as pointers on healthy boundaries, communication, self-care and more. 

You can order a copy of this e-book on: Amazon, Kobo, Apple ibooks & Google books. Click on the book cover below to be directed straight to the store.

Published in July 2019 - E-book and paperback are available to buy now. 

Book on Narcissistic Abuse
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