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Having worked with clients experiencing narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships for over a decade, Dr. Sarah Davies has penned two self-help books to offer readers a practical roadmap of recovery. 

Narcissistic abuse is an awful, destabilising, maddening and traumatic relational experience to go through - whether that be a partner, parent, friend or colleague.


Toxic, abusive relationships can leave you feeling shocked, numb, confused, anxious, angry and wrestling with self-doubt, guilt or fear. It can batter your self-esteem and confidence. 

These practical guides help you to understand, manage and move on from these kinds of relationships.

How to Leave a Narcissist... For Good - moving on from abusive and toxic relationships

You cannot change a narcissist.
But you can change how you deal with one.

In How to Leave A Narcissist ... For Good, psychologist Dr Sarah Davies offers this practical guide to understanding and healing from a relationship with a narcissist. Drawing on her clinical work with individuals as well as personal experience, she will help you to:

- Understand narcissism and identify narcissistic abuse
- Recognise negative patterns and break the cycle of abuse
- Restore focus to yourself and repair the damage to your self-esteem
- Address any resulting trauma and manage emotional overwhelm or distress
- Learn and develop healthy boundaries and communication skills
- Master self-care and compassion

With case studies and expert guidance on rebuilding self-confidence, developing emotional regulation skills and learning mindfulness and grounding techniques, How to Leave A Narcissist ... For Good will help you turn your back on narcissists and look forward to future loving relationships.

How to Leave a Narcissist... for Good is available in ten languages. 




I highly recommend reading How to Leave A Narcissist For Good -- Bryony Gordon ― Telegraph

In How to Leave a Narcissist For Good, Davies outlines a roadmap to recovery -- Habiba Katsha ― Stylist

Are you dating a narcissist? There are many factors that play a role in the development of narcissistic personality disorder, which Dr Sarah Davies explains ... to learn more about the drama triangle and other ways to recognise and end narcissistic abuse, read How to Leave a Narcissist For Good ― The Gloss

Right now narcissism is experiencing something of a moment in the spotlight ... [with] a slew of garbled information out there ... but if you have been the victim of a genuine narcissist, you don't need TikTok, you need a reliable, serious source of knowledge like Davies's book - and support [from] a professional therapist ― Sunday Times Style

Raised By Narcissists - How to handle your difficult, toxic, abusive parents

We can't choose our parents.
But we can choose how we deal with them.

In Raised By Narcissists, counselling psychologist Dr Sarah Davies offers practical, realistic advice on how to heal from the trauma and toxicity of a narcissistic parent. Drawing on case studies from her own practice, as well as her personal experience, Raised by Narcissists will teach you how to:

- Recognise narcissistic behaviour in your upbringing and how it has impacted you
- Identify the roles your narcissistic parent created in your family, including The Golden Child, The Black Sheep and The Enabler
- Manage communication and boundaries with a narcissistic parent
- Combat negative self-beliefs stemming from narcissism
- Develop strategies for healing and self-care

Having a narcissistic parent can create long lasting effects on our self-esteem, confidence and subsequent relationships. Raised By Narcissists will teach you to acknowledge and begin to heal from the difficult experience of narcissistic parental abuse, reclaim your experience and move on to build a better future.


"Everything you need to know about narcissists and how to leave a narcissistic relationship" 

"Life Changing. Wow. What an amazing life transformer of a book. I genuinely think that you can separate your life into before and after reading this book because it is THAT important and impactful. I owe so much of my state of mind and wellbeing to this. Thank you Dr Davies. You don't know you need it till you read it. Don't hesitate, please do it for yourself and get it!!!!"

"This is a great balance between psychoeducation around narcissism and self-help around healing from these abusive toxic relationships"

"An excellent resource for survivors and therapists"


"Dr Sarah Davies takes you through a clear explanation of what narcissism is, how to spot it, and what behaviours I may be unconsciously doing that mean I am an easy target for narcissists. Lots of "aha" and "oh my gosh" moments reading this book. Her style is supportive so you really feel like she is gently taking you on a journey to decouple yourself from toxic relationships and behaviour, giving advice and support so you can take steps to get yourself to a better place. There's lots of really valuable, actionable advice on how to heal because it's so traumatic to be around narcissists and even those who have narcissistic traits. Highly recommend for understanding clearly what is so confusing (being on receiving end of narcissistic behaviour) and for starting to heal from that trauma."

"One of the best books on narcissistic abuse"

"This book was A truly enlightening insight into a subject that affects many of us and a real help in understanding such situations.the fact it was written by a well qualified doctor and specialist in the subject added tru gravitas.
I am truly grateful to have found this book and heartily recommend to others experiencing issues such as this in past and present relationships in their lives! Excellent read and such a ‘down to earth ‘ take on the subject."

"A leading expert on narcissism and narcissistic abuse" 

"A beautifully written book, much needed"

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