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Copyright Notice

Dr. Sarah Davies is the owner of all intellectual property rights of this website and all the material and wording and images on it. (Apart from stock images licensed via Website provider). 

The works here are protected by worldwide copyright laws. Viewers are granted access to view this website and the material herein, for use for personal or non-commercial use.

You may not reproduce, in any format, any part of this website ( or information or material on it without explicit reference and credit or express prior written consent. If in doubt, please contact prior to adapting, editing, distributing, publishing, re-publishing, or broadcasting in anyway for clarification or written permission.

The work herein is copyrighted to Dr. Sarah Davies - Psyganut Ltd. We take the protection of our works and copyright very seriously. If any breach of terms are found please be informed that may result in us bringing legal proceedings against you and seeking monetary damages or costs as well as take steps to prevent and stop your use of these materials. You may be ordered to pay damages and our legal costs. 

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