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Yoga-Based Therapy

Yoga Therapy | Online | London | UK

Yoga is an ancient tradition that offers incredible and numerous benefits - physically, mentally and spiritually. 


Traditionally, there are five points of yoga and each are covered in an overall approach to supporting psychological health, wellbeing and performance enhancement and include: 

  • asana (exercise), 

  • psychology (psychological therapy, positive psychology & meditation), 

  • proper breathing (pranayama), 

  • proper relaxation 

  • nutrition


A regular yoga practice increases strength, flexibility and balance - both of the body and the mind.


The physiological and psychological benefits of a regular yoga practice are clear. Studies show yoga is ideal for stress reduction and helpful for easing anxiety & depression. Yoga also improves quality of sleep, increases relaxation, decreases inflammation, aids biochemical restoration and balance, reduces pain and risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Yoga practice combined with psychotherapy is a unique approach that supports a high amount of personal insight and growth during individual yoga classes. The foundation to this practice is understanding that your individual approach to the yoga mat and practice is often a mirror of how we relate in our daily lives. This use of yoga-based therapy in this way can be a very powerful tool in developing self-awareness and coming to realisations of yourself, what may be holding you back, your attitude, beliefs and in how you interact. 


It is particularly helpful for individuals who are 'heady' and feel stuck in intellectual, analytical or cognitive processes in traditional sit-down talking therapies. Therapeutic yoga will help you to feel more connected to your body, experience feeling more grounded and develop a deeper sense of relaxation. It can be a very helpful practice in overcoming and healing from trauma. This unique practice helps you to identify and break through psychological barriers, develop self-confidence, self-belief and develop a more mindful awareness of your thoughts and feelings. 


Aside from the psychological and emotional benefits yoga brings, and in addition to the psychotherapy support offered during sessions, individuals also enjoy the many physical benefits from the practice such as improved posture, strength and flexibility, balanced hormones and better quality sleep.


I offer individual therapeutic asana practice and incorporate psychotherapeutic approaches within this discipline. These unique private 1-2-1 classes are specifically tailored to your needs and goals and include breathwork, meditation, dynamic asana and relaxation. Sessions are suitable for complete beginners and experienced students alike. 

A combination and tailored programme of postures and techniques can be used specifically to help with mood, anxiety, depression and to aid recovery from trauma, narcissistic abuse and obsessive traits including addiction and binge-eating.  

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