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DBT Skills  

DBT Therapy | Mindfulness | Online | London

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was originally developed to help people with issues of emotional instability. DBT therapy is usually offered in groups. I offer individual sessions to adults with an emphasise on skills training together with exploring the underlying factors to the present issues (eg. relationship difficulties, trauma or disrupted biochemistry).





1. The art or practice of arriving at the truth by the exchange of logical arguments.

2. The process of change through the integration of opposites.  


DBT is a type of therapy that offers the development of powerful psychological tools, skills and strategies that support self-awareness, acceptance and positive change. These are particularly useful in helping to manage mood and overwhelming feelings or emotions. It is a practical approach that can be applied for a wide range of issues.  


The model is made up of four key components that focus on developing a range of skills and on acceptance and change.  


DBT skills include:


Mindfulness - the practice of being fully aware and connected to the present moment in a non-judgemental way - and the awareness that comes from this. Sessions include individual mindfulness training to support positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. 


Distress Tolerance - a range of practical ideas and tools to help tolerate difficult or painful feelings.


Interpersonal Effectiveness - development of healthy boundaries and communication.

Emotional Regulation - tools to help with difficult or overwhelming emotions.


Clinical research shows that both DBT and mindfulness are effective in reducing substance abuse, binge-eating, anger, anxiety, depression, emotional instability and self-harm. DBT can also be helpful in improving interpersonal relationships.

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