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Person Centred Therapy

Counselling | Therapy | Online | London

Person Centred Counselling is a warm and supportive approach devised by Carl Rogers. This philosophical stance regards every person as inherently good and intrinsically seeking happiness, contentment and self-fulfillment. However, problems may arise when we are looking for this in the 'wrong' places or become out of touch with our real values and our core needs.  


The focus of the therapy is on developing and exploring subjective understandings of yourself, others and current concerning issues. This is supported by an honest, transparent, and genuine therapeutic relationship and forms the basis of my therapeutic approach.


It is an insightful process of exploration in which many people find they develop a deeper connection with themselves, their wants, needs and desires and subsequently experience a clearer sense of purpose, meaning in life and more satisyfing relationships with others. This experience can support a greater sense of self as well as an increase in compassion and self-esteem.  

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