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Online Counselling for Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse Counselling | Online | London

Online consultations for narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships are available with Dr. Sarah Davies.

Online therapy can provide flexibility on days and time to suit you.

Counselling or coaching sessions specifically in the area of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships can help with:

  • clarity about whether the situation is abusive

  • feedback on the kind of personality profile you may be dealing with

  • clear information and ideas about how to manage difficult relationships

  • a safe space to discuss your experience and feelings with somebody who understands

  • help with identify the specific areas within relationships that may be problematic

  • pragmatic 'what to do' advice and guidance

  • support

  • help with managing boundaries

  • guidance on developing healthy communication

  • gain personal insight and self awareness about the role you play in relationship dynamics

  • practical self-care ideas

Online sessions can be helpful as a regular space and support as well as being helpful for a one-off or handful of sessions to get some professional guidance on how to manage and next steps. This can be helpful in relation to romantic relationships as well as family, professional and other personal dynamics.

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