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7 simple steps to more happiness, today

20th March is International Day of Happiness and to celebrate, here is a list of 7 simple ideas to help towards feeling happy.

1. Exercise. Do some active exercise. Enough to break into a sweat and to get your heart pumping. Exercise is a wonderful and fast-acting way to boost endorphins - the feel-good hormone.

2. Spend time with good friends and family. Connection and interpersonal relationships are essential to our wellbeing and happiness.

3. Make more time for the things you enjoy. It is sometimes so easy with busy, modern lives that we let slip doing the things that we enjoy. Make a plan to spend more time of doing things you enjoy on a daily basis. Such as being in nature, walking the dog, making time for hobbies, interests, enjoyable classes or groups, learning something new, painting, cooking… anything that makes you feel nice.

4. Eat well. Eating a good and varied diet full of fresh vegetables, fruit, proteins and complex carbohydrates (mood food!) helps ensure we get enough vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal brain functioning.

5. Sleep and rest well. Rest and sleep is also important for our wellbeing and mood. Getting enough good quality sleep can help improve our mood and lower our risk of suffering with depression.

6. Laugh. Treat yourself to anything that gives you a good laugh. Spend time with fun friends, go see a comedian, watch a funny movie or stand up.

7. Write a gratitude list. This may sound simple but writing a gratitude list can actually be a powerful way to shift your perspective and lift your move. List all the things you are grateful for today.

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