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Experiential Activities for Group Addiction Treatment

I recently came across a new book called “Engage the Group: Engage the Brain - 100 Experiential Activities for Addiction Treatment” first published in 2015.

It’s an innovative collection of individual and group therapy tasks aimed at being used to help treat addiction. There is a range of evidence-based interventions, fun, mind-body connection exercises and it’s been put together by two American psychologists.

I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the suggested activities in the book has been inspired by a piece of clinical research myself and my colleague Prof Gail Kinman completed in 2010 - and even mentions us!

The task they suggest is a group activity aimed at promoting a more positive view of the past - away from regrets and negativity about the past. They suggest a number of discussion points based on our research findings including:

How a more positive view of the past was associated with more successful outcomes in addiction recovery.

How spirituality is found to be a protective and helpful factors for some recovering alcoholics in managing anxiety and compulsions.

It’s very rewarding to think our research from 2010 is being used in group therapy treatments and possibly even helping some people to overcome their difficulties.

Thanks very much ! I am very flattered and wonderful to find our research has inspired this work!

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