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Yoga Psychotherapy - a body-based psychotherapy approach

Yoga Therapy in London

Yoga is an ancient tradition that now has a growing body of clinical research to support its numerous benefits. It is a practice that combines physical, mental and spiritual practices.

Five points of yoga are covered in yoga include asana (exercise), psychology (positive thinking & meditation), proper breathing (pranayama), relaxation and nutrition.

A regular yoga practice increases strength, flexibility and balance - both in the body and the mind.

The physiological and psychological benefits of a regular yoga practice are clear. Studies support yoga as ideal for stress reduction and help for anxiety & depression. Yoga also improves quality of sleep, increases relaxation, decreases inflammation, aids biochemical restoration, reduces pain and risk for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

I offer individual yoga therapy with dynamic asana practice and incorporate psychotherapeutic approaches within this discipline. These unique private 1-2-1 classes that are specifically tailored to each individual and include breathwork, meditation and relaxation. Sessions are suitable for complete beginners and experienced students alike. A combination and tailored programme of postures and techniques can be used specifically to help with mood, anxiety, depression and to aid recovery from trauma and obsessive traits including addiction and binge-eating. This approach is also highly effective in stress management, increasing mental capacity and enhancing performance - it helps develop increased mind-body connection, concentration, flexibility and mental focus.

The benefits of a regular yoga practice are virtually endless... it can help maintain balance, increase flexibility, focus, concentration, aids relaxation and much more...

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